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Working With Webpack

Creating custom bundles and understanding the details

January 30, 2018

2018: The Year of Fast WebApps

There is a huge demand to improve how fast your web application loads at load time. With tools like Lighthouse built in to Google Chrome, there is pressure put onto web developers to enhance their applications. Using new terminology like Search Engine Optimization, First Paint, Deferred Loading, you may be thinking that there is no way I can get a perfect score. Additionally, you probably never considered using Service Workers and being concerned about how fast your React app loaded on 3G.

Good news is that in 2016, when Lighthouse was publically announced, many websites were already utilizing the tool and coming up with best practices. Its 2018 now, and we have had plently of time to improve. One of the main concepts that has been argued about, is server side rendering.

What is Server Side Rendering?

So for the purpose of unifying the concepts of this article, I am going to use React for all of the examples. Additionally, I will be talking about the JavaScript library called Express that can be used to handle HTTP requests, similar to Flask for Python.

Using Express.

React Render vs. RenderToString.


Pat Emery Software Developer